Just intonation on keyboards in real time! Microtonal modulation! Strange and novel sonorities! Welcome to Pivotuner!

Chorale for Percussion (for percussion)

Just intonation on keyboards in real time! Microtonal modulation! Strange and novel sonorities! Welcome to Pivotuner!

Untitled 18 (Passacaglia)

Untitled 18 (Passacaglia), for solo carillon. Performed by Elijah Buerk!

Untitled 19

Untitled 19 is formed around a dichotomy of two musical ideas. We were interested in quoting material from kpop songs, so both of the main ideas are derived from a BLACKPINK song (bonus points to anyone who figures out which one). I'm not very familiar with kpop, so it was interesting to listen and learn more about it in the process of writing this piece!


Started working on this in 2022 (released 2024). Lots of quarter tones, but I think they're used pretty smoothly here.

Untitled 17

A quadraphonic total-serialist piece featuring all sounds made with a violin. This is a stereo file, please get in contact if you're interested in the full quad version!

Untitled 16

All the sounds here were made with a metal water bottle. This is a stereo version, the original version is quadraphonic, so please contact me if you're interested in that version.

Sonifying Quantum Superpositions by Correlating State Probability to Rhythmic Density

Academic paper about sonifying quantum superpositions using rhythmic density. Presented at ISQCMC 2023, published in proceedings. Co-authored with Walker Smith and Alex Alani.

Orbital Mechanics

Solo piano piece based on the frequencies at which the planets orbit the sun in our solar system. Huge thanks to Mika Sasaki for performing this, it's very very difficult!

Fare Well

Fare Well, a piece for string orchestra. Read by the Jacobs School of Music Symphony Orchestra! There also is a string quartet arrangement of this piece.

Untitled 10

Untitled 10, a wind ensemble piece using melodies by local elementary school students. Thanks to the Jacobs School of Music Wind Ensemble for the performance!


This piece is designed to serve as an introduction: to the sounds of pure chords, the sounds of microtonal modulation, and the sounds of subtle shifts in tuning of the same chord. It also explores some of the technical consequences of retuning and attempts to use these consequences in a musically convincing way.

Untitled 7

Untitled 7, for brass octet. Thanks to Avery Hoerman, Jesse Saldaña, David Holloway, Ronan Emerson, Nick Wolfe, Justin Carrothers, Tim Wilson, JunMing Wen, and Elijah Buerk for performing this!


First time producing and actually finishing it! S'not perfect but still quite happy with how it turned out. Features: over 100 tracks, microtonal modulation, fairly dense harmony at times.


Pitch Shift Game! A game where you try to remember what the original pitch of an audio file is, and click a button when it is the case.

Risset Metronome

Risset Metronome: slow down or speed up all the way to infinity

Midi Channel Round Robin

Midi Channel Round Robin: Simple midi effect which routes each new note to a new channel. Can be used to split a single midi track across multiple instruments! This can be used to e.g. make a monophonic synth multiphonic by using multiple instances! Created for Ethan French.

Piano Trio

Piece for (as implied by the name) Piano Trio. I would like to avoid giving too much away before you listen. But the structure of the piece emerges slowly and deliberately, almost imperceptibly, in an attempt to evoke a pure and sublime beauty, unencumbered by established styles. Recorded by the Neave Trio at 2022 Mostly Modern Festival!

2in1 Drone Metronome

2in1 Drone Metronome: ascend to a new level of music practice with the ultimate combination of metronome and drone.


room.resonator: mix music knowing how your room resonates.

Dream and Variations

Two movement piece for solo organ which tries to make use of the whole gamut of organ techniques and tone colors. Composite recording created from recordings by Elijah Buerk and Austin Philemon. RIOCC 2021 Organ Composition Competition Young Artist Division 1st Prize.


Piece for solo cello, making heavy use of an octave scordatura C string. First piece written with Dr. Freund at JSOM. Recorded by Philip Williamson.


A string sextet, consisting of two movements. Recorded by George Meyer on violin, Jacob Shack on viola, and Mitch Lyon on cello. Produced by Dmitri Volkov.


A solo piano piece, consisting of two movements: I. Wispy and II. Translucent. Recorded by Robert Fleitz.


A string quartet, my first piece written with Paul Frucht. Recorded at the Chamber Music Intensive in 2019, by the CMI faculty. This piece was a finalist in the 2020 Morton Gould Young Composer competition and a national runner-up in the 2019 National Federation of Music Clubs composition competition.

Wolfram Language Tsetlin Machine Framework

An implementation of a Tsetlin Machine, a novel type of machine learning, in the Wolfram Language.


Programing language specification and interpreter of unknown Turing-completeness (it depends on whether or not there are infinite perfect numbers, which is currently unknown). Includes a Self-BCT interpreter demo program. Created when I was age 13.

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