Just intonation on keyboards in real time! Microtonal modulation! Strange and novel sonorities! Welcome to Pivotuner!


metro.drone: ascend to a new level of music practice with the ultimate combination of metronome and drone.


room.resonator: mix music knowing how your room resonates.


Piece for solo cello, making heavy use of an octave scordatura C string. First piece written with Dr. Freund at JSOM. Recorded by Philip Williamson.


A string sextet, consisting of two movements. Recorded by George Meyer on violin, Jacob Shack on viola, and Mitch Lyon on cello. Produced by Dmitri Volkov.


A solo piano piece, consisting of two movements: I. Wispy and II. Translucent. Recorded by Robert Fleitz.


A string quartet, my first piece written with Paul Frucht. Recorded at the Chamber Music Intensive in 2019, by the CMI faculty. This piece was a finalist in the 2020 Morton Gould Young Composer competition and a national runner-up in the 2019 National Federation of Music Clubs composition competition.

Wolfram Language Tsetlin Machine Framework

An implementation of a Tsetlin Machine, a novel type of machine learning, in the Wolfram Language.

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